About Me

Hello, I’m vio, cosplayer from Singapore!
Welcome to my blog! (≧▽≦)
I don’t blog much now as I’m more active on facebook/twitter/instagram so do drop by the other social pages instead.
Feel free to comment on my posts if you have any questions.
I will try to reply them asap! (っ´∀`)っ
Thank you for visiting! ♥

欢迎来到我的博客! ( ◕◡◕ )

Birthday 生日: 30th October. 10月30日
Horoscope 星座: Scorpio 天蝎
Blood Type 血型: A
Favorite Series 最喜欢的动漫: Gintama 银魂
Favorite Singer 最喜欢的歌手: Jay Chou 周杰倫
Favorite Food 最喜欢的食物: Anything sweet 甜食

-Contact and Links-
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/viospace
Twitter: https://twitter.com/viospace8D
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/viospace/


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