Moving on

Ok so I kinda stopped blogging since last year December and this is probably gonna be my last post too.
Life goes on, I kinda slowed down on my hobby as I have other priorities in life right now.
Not saying I’m stopping but it will be a lot slower.
Probably more like a break and I will come back whenever I feel like it.

I have also made a decision to move to another country next year.
Not sure how soon that will be but it is definitely something I have always dream of doing since young.
Since I do have a little bit more capability, I hope to do this soon before I get too old for this HAHA!

I just want to thank all my readers here and so sorry for the lack of updates.
If you wish to continue following my crap, please do visit my social sites instead since I’m a little more active there.
Ranking from most active to least:

1. Instagram (More on instastory tbh)

2. Facebook (ok not so much on my page, but my account is more active LOL)
Private Account

3. Twitter (I still do tweet once a while)

Love ya all.


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