Happy Birthday to myself!


One of the group I love very very much.
Many thanks for the birthday gifts and love, it is beyond words how thankful I feel to have you guys share part of my life.

Was gonna post individual gifts and tag you guys but I got lazy so I will just thank here too. /shot
To dear Reiko, thank you for the Gintoki pillow, I will hug my hasubando every night and think of you too HAHA.
To Vin, Yumi, Chris, Sihan, Jov, Vic, Alvin and Spica, thank you for the lugagge and game. I will continue to work hard to practice so we can play more together LOL!
To Athen, thank you for the fried drumstick. I’m trying not to drool on it too much but sometimes i do wish it is edible–/no I mean, I love it hahahaha!
To Val, thank you for that ‘surprise’, I can’t wait for our trip together omg!!!
To Jamie, thank you for the coupons and bracelet, and the time spent together. I will use the coupons well. hehe.
To Hanhan, special shoutout and thanks for the Gengar goods. SUPER CUTE PLS.

I feel so loved there is nothing more I asked for except that all of you never leave me.
Thank you so much for being here for me.


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