Cos Event Update: AFA 2015!

yep the day I chased after sensei LOLOL!!!
I mean, when furukawa-san came down to sg!!

first day, zha mao from 19 days!

decided to do this with my crazy laogong and totally no regrets HAHAHAHA!

she looked so cute as jianjian too LOL!

anyway we were behaving like kids most of the time which was so fun LOL.

I also went to touch sensei and genos since furukawa-san was too far away HAHA.

day 2, i lost my mind.
went to cos kondo isao female version and almost died from the 10cm heels wtf.

but my anata as hijikata is soooo perfect I wanna cry!
can’t wait for our shoot omg.
anyway that is all, my camwhores are getting little because im getting lazier too. /shot


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