Cos Event Update: Fantasy Quest 2015!

The event that made me so happy and embarrassed LOL.

so uh since Luna dear is coming back and organizing the fantasy quest again, we decided to head over to support the event.
went to book the tickets in Feb since there were promo.
it was only towards nearing the event when she told me the guest was Jun and Neru. /dies internally

anyway, it has also been a while since we travel to overseas event together…

take off!

and we reached PH!!!
had a nua day before we KO and prepare for the photoshoot next day!

did Hinata since I thought the heat is not suitable for other cos. /shot


then uh the day I get to confess my love to two of my favorite jap cosers… //////

I was dying so badly internally because they were sooooo perfect omgomgogmgfafhajdasldasdas.
then uh both of them were soooo friendly and nice too. T^T

anyway, the day ended and time for DINNER!!!

Day 3!! Event day!
last min and decided to head down as slaine. TvT

more camwhores!!

another goddess of mine, jin. ////

and uh, the two perfect people omg. /////

self high but this is when neru refused to let me go when I was too embarrassed to stay with them omfgomfrgdsfaskdqfeq…

The event was really fun and since we took the shortest package, it is finally time to head home!

that is all and thanks for dropping by!


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