Cos Event Update: RAGE 2015!

ok this is really late but finally…
Special thanks to the event organizers for inviting me to this event!
it was my first time to Malacca so I was really really excited for it! *^*

attended the event with Jes and we had a blast!!
first day, we went around jonker street and I just went crazy with my shopping as usual LOL!

then 2nd day, woke up early for the hotel breakfast hurrr. this is always one of my favorite part haha!

finally, prepping for the event!

went down as hijikata with jes as my gintoki hur.

with the guest!

more camwhores!


the naan and chicken is sooo good i almost refused to leave LOL!

third day, did hijikata cafe version!

also bought the shirt from Abam Apam
remember to visit his page for more awesome art!

more camwhores!

while judging lolol~

that is all from me!!!


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