Photoshoot Update: KageHina Here we go!

wooohooo haikyuu update!!!
one of the OTP in haikyuu, kagehina!!!
yes yes yes.
although they are not like my top pair in haikyuu, they are one of my favorite in terms of fluff and love.
no R18, but the trust and feels is very very strong in this pair. TvT
the first 3 episodes on when they build the trust within each other is always breaking my kokoro.

let me take some time here to spazz about my favorite scene of the both of them in the beginning…
remember the part when kageyama told hinata he is weak and not helpful to win?
then when finally hinata managed to prove him wrong and hit every ball kageyama serve to him?
yep. the moment when kageyama did the toss for hinata, I died.

then also the part:
“So long as I’m here, you will be the strongest.”

anyway here i am, back to update the shoot LOL!
so I actually overslept so i did my makeup like in 15mins before I dash out of the house…

looking like some weird hobo, im glad we still had enough time at the court. TvT

it was also my first time working with men!
she looked so good as kageyama.
and yep, im so glad i found someone taller than me to be my kageyama LOLOL!!!

Here are some pics by sihan!!

more on my facebook!


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