SG Osomatsu Only Event!

ok so uh I’m trying to clean up my blog now so i shall drop quick update of the osomatsu event while I quickly tidy my old stuffs to be posted soon LOL.

in my last post I mentioned this so I thought I should just update here LOL.

Did Karamatsu as I was put to the Karamatsu booth haha!

decorated my booth and everyone said they wanna burn my booth because it was too painful LOLOL.
but yeah, the event was soooooo fun and I really loved it when people who loved the same series gathered together and high omgomgomg.

camwhore time of course!

a special shoutout to goofy who cos like the 6 brothers for the quiz.
please do pop over to her youtube for the videos. SHE WAS AWESOME PLS.

also special thanks to 老大 val for letting me be part of this!

many thanks to my adorable dearies who helped me clean the painful glass.
yes my decorations stained the glass and thanks to them for helping me clean those up!!! TvT

finally, have a look at our dance performance we did at the event!
i mean, there were a lot of accidents and all, but we actually did spent quite a bit of time to practice so i hope you like it!

it was really one of the event that I have a very special memory on.
really look forward to more events like this in future omg!

on a side note, the posts coming up…
Dynamic Chord Photoshoot
KageHina Photoshoot
RAGE 2015
Fantasy Quest 2015
KuroTsukki Photoshoot
AFA 2015
Christmas Update
Countdown party
CNY 2016
Bokuro Photoshoot
Osomatsu Photoshoot
J-obsession 2016
SasuNaru Photoshoot

super belated i know….


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