Such a late update I know…

Yea I know I said I will update my backlogs but i went missing from here for more than 3 months wtf hahahaha!
So yes, I was really overwhelmed by my work and I didn’t managed to update much stuffs anywhere.

Before I get back to those backlogs, let me give a quick update first…

1. Yes I just did my 2nd cos of the year last week. You can see how busy i really got LOL!
2. More plans coming, nope not gonna stop. I HAVE A LOT OF FWEELS ESPECIALLY FOR HAIKYUU. ANYONE WITH ME? *_*
3. There’s a Osomatsu-Only event here in SG this sunday!!

so excited as this is gonna be my 2nd ONLY event I attend here in SG.
Thanks to my friends, I was able to be part of the event too.
More information can be found in the official FB page:

I will also be at the Karamatsu game booth.
Come see me ok my Karamatsu gurlz and boyz~ ♥

more updates soon soon I SWEAR!!


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