ok WTF time to update lol!

Yep so uh apparently my last post was almost 2 months ago.
which I decided it is finally time I clear some dust here TROLOLOL!
work has been really overwhelming I’m just too packed omg.

Anyway, a couple of “housekeeping” things I will be doing these few weeks before year end…

1. Updating all the belated blog posts
Yes all damn backlog blog posts… /stares at all the camwhores from previous events/ ok yea fug. will throw them all out before end of year I swear!!

2. Cleaning up my blog
No no I’m not gonna clean off old posts. As I have the habit to look back sometimes. The cleaning up is referring to updating of old links / images / themes etc to prepare for the new year!

(on a side note, notice there is the snowing effect on wordpress now again? SO PWEETY OMG. too bad they are only here during the winter season haha!)

3. Removing other social accounts that I no longer use
Yep, this includes DeviantArt, Gallery Blog, ask.fm and some other I-don’t-even-remember-accounts. Well, I might not delete the account itself, but I will remove the contents. For DA, it is because I still wish to keep the account to download brushes etc. /shot

4. Cleaning up my Facebook page
Seems a bit messy now I know. But since I’m gonna delete a lot of things, I will keep the page as the main source to share my cosplay photos. Not really sure how I can do this but I will just try. LOL.


The above are more of the cleaning up, now moving forward, the things I will be looking to do in the new year:

1. Lesser blog posts
Yes looking at my work scope, things are just going to get busier. I don’t think I can afford to post as often as before, but I will still update whenever I can so uh, hope it doesn’t grow dust LOL. Just that, the amount of blog post regarding events and photoshoots will be reduced as well.

2. Spamming of instagram account
Don’t say I didn’t warn but I will probably just drop whatever pictures I can in my instagram account instead. HAHA! Since it is a lot easier and instant, I will definitely be more active there from now on!

3. Mass upload of pictures on my Facebook page
Actually this is part of the FB page cleaning up, but since I no longer have much time to update as often, I will probably be doing like a one time batch upload every time I’m free. So instead of one at a time, it will be like a ONE WHOLE ALBUM at a time kinda thing. /shot/

Can’t think of anymore at the moment, will slowly work on it and add on as time goes but yep these are pretty much the things I’m looking at.
I will still be active in cosplay, just not as often as previously since time is kinda insufficient LOL.
But of course, even though I’m deleting some accounts and cleaning up, I’m still contactable. YES YES I’M NOT DISAPPEARING LOL. /dances everywhere/

Feel free to poke me anywhere in the following!

1. Here, my blog!
Leave a comment whenever! I will be notified so I will see them!

2. Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/viospace)
PM or comments, just feel free to drop me a message!

3. Twitter (https://twitter.com/viospace8D)
Tweet me anything anytime~ As long as your account is public, I will reply you if I understand you!
(ok well I get some random language tweets sometimes which I won’t reply because I have no idea wtf they saying LOL)

4. Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/viospace)
Leave a comment or send me a message! (YES OMG INSTAGRAM DO PM NOW AS WELL!) I haven’t got the chance to test on the message function but I guess it should work for every open account? LOL.

5. Email (viospace@hotmail.com)
This will be the last option but unless you really have none of the social sites as mentioned above, you can email me. LOL. But, if the email looks suspicious, it might go into the spam folder so uh, not a 100% guarantee reply rate! /shot/


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