2015: Happy Birthday To Me!

It is actually scary because my birthday always reminds me of how fast time flies.
Last year this date, I was in Taiwan having fun with my friends.

Okay anyway, a usual dedicated post for myself. haha!
This year have been a blast for me.
Why? Let me name it out shall I?

1. Went to Korea and fulfilled one of my MUST-GO country list.
2. Gintama anime returned in April!
3. Got a new job and passed the probation!
4. STGCC, I got Sugita-san to sing Doraemon song and received his signature personally.
5. Managed to see my favorite cosplayers from Japan in real life and took photo with them hurhur.

One of the most satisfied one would probably be passing my probation at work.
To be honest, I was almost gonna give up, if not for my friends, family and colleagues.
It was a really tough one, wanted to drop it a lot of time but I guess I was also stubborn LOL.
So when I got the confirmation, I almost cried. TvT

In conclusion, everything is well and good.
I have my family and friends with me, that is the best thing I can ever wish for.



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