Cosfest Day 1 WOOOHOOOO!!

Let’s go!!

one of the event we look forward to, not for the event itself, but more of the gathering haha!
because it is also the time when we have CHALETS!!!!! /dances around

so uh, first day, i shall jus update on my cos first.
my plan for saturday is Kuon from Reve Parfait, Dynamic Chord.
thanks to dear xiaobai for poisoning me, I fell into the hole omfg. /dies happily
part of my WIP on my wig:

yea there’s none in taobao so you go DIY!
tried it on and thankfully it looked ok.

first time weaving wig I don’t even know wtf am I doing.

so uh here comes day 0!!
ended work, rushed home to change and checked into our chalet!!

yep, pasted this outside the door, as this was our chat title. don’t ask why. /stares at yumi
first night, crazy.

got a cleaner and a…dancer. (ಠಠ)

playing just dance thanks to gary for bringing his playstation.
we managed to sweat out some fats before the cosplay HAHAHAHAHA!


anyway, day 1!!! make up done!

went out to meet up my awesome teammates too!

and yea, here comes my usual, CAMWHORE!!!

then event ended, after dinner, we have a second round of…


with my precious crazy bunch hahaha!

day 2 updates coming soon! :D


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