Short updates again~

ok uh sorry i left this place to kinda rot for a while again. /blows dust away
so, have been really busy with work that i didn’t have time to blog about events and shoots at all.
not that they are interesting to read since most of the posts are just my faces LOLOL!!!! (yes all the camwhores haha!)

but yep i wanna make it a habit to post all my camwhores here so i can look back when i feel like it. to remind myself of those times mehehehe.
before that, let me jus post a short update.
hopefully the complete ones come soon!

life / work:
just changed my job and still having a tough time coping since it is a whole new scope with things im not very familiar with.
hopefully things will get better and yep. TvT

as usual, having shoots almost every weekend.
tho busy but i still kinda insist on that since it is one way i forget about stress and have fun LOL!!
here’s also my upcoming list~

– Ginko from Gintama
– Tenka from Donten ni Warau
– Kuroo from Haikyuu
– Tsuki from Haikyuu
– Sun Jing from SQ
– Harklight from Aldnoah Zero

Some are confirm with dates while some are flexible (depends if my stuffs can be done on time LOL)
but really do looking forward to them hurhurhurhurrrr.

then regarding my blogpost updates, here are the ones coming soon:
– FREE Shoot + Anime Matsuri
– Chara Expo
– Their Story Shoot
– Cosfest
– Barakamon Shoot
– FREE Iwatobi Shoot

really sorry for the lack of updates here but i will post soon!


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