Bangkok Trip & Pedal-Only Event!

So uh while I was still unsure if I should go for the haikyuu-only or pedal-only event, the rest told me they are going to the pedal-only event. so I decided to fly with them since it is more fun to travel in a group for events! :D
managed to confirm and book our flight then got really excited since it has been a while since I head to bangkok! ^^

boarding time!

when we arrived, we checked in and went for shopping straight away lol!!
the main purpose was to shop other than the event so NO TIME TO LOSE YO!
basically other than the event day, i don’t have other photos to share because we are just SHOPPING AND SHOPPING AND SHOPPING.
so I should jus get to the event update now~

woke up a little earlier than usual, prepared while being brain dead so my make up that day felt like a mess LOL.

and a group camwhore!

then finally, we head to the event!
went to book the cab too since it is safer and more convenient. ^^

with my yasutomo~ hurrrr.

and we arrived!!

of course, camwhore time!!!

also, met up with naru and doru!!

group shot!

some pics taken from the event!

the food is really nice and cute.
Also, u get to have lucky draw and I WON!!!

FUKUARA HURRRR. /shinkai sapporks

also a shot of me carrying yasutomo LOL.

then we also headed outside for a short shoot before changing out~

after changing out, saw moo as tadokoro and Zea as maki.
so I had to take a pic with them hehehe.

we stayed a while before moving off to another event.

arrived and I was internally screaming while staring at them. OH GOD WHY SO PERFECT.

then we have dinner with naru and friends!

some shots from the random trickeye place at the station LOL.

loots from the event huehuehue.

and the next day, we met up with moo after chatuchak, for mookata!

hot day with mookata was terrible LOL.
but it was delicious so nvm.

that is all from the trip. the rest is just SHOPPING!
cant wait to go back there. T^T

more updates coming up!!


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