Random Updates on Life~

ok sorry for not updating my blog at all.
a lot of things going on currently so previously was really busy since I kept going out of the country so yep. left my blog untouched for more than 2 weeks LOL.
anyway before i continue with the usual updates, i will just start my summarize updates on what is going on recently heheh~

yes just back from Korea last week and to be honest this trip actually drove all my 哈韩 fweels back!
I actually started highing on korea culture and kpop way before I got into cosplay.
Yes that was when I’m like 14 years old?!
I’m already otaku but not so much into it at that time.
I even took up a few lessons on korean language but gave up because I couldn’t cope with another language since I’m already failing my english and chinese during secondary school TROLOLOL. /fail
but now I’m actually keen to learn it again. just hopefully my passion for the language doesnt die out halfway if not history will repeat itself.
But yes will definitely blog about my korea trip soon too!

still busy, still having shoots almost every weekend. /shot
but i guess i’m getting old that my stamina can’t keep up as much as previously.
so imma slow down the pace a little.
of course trying to clear my 93712851736 plans asap LOLOL!!!
also, will be updating my bangkok trip for pedal-only event soon!

one of the reason why i got really busy.
things changed and i actually got myself a new job after im back from korea.
not sure if it will get busy since it is still ok for now but ganbatte to myself hurrr.
hopefully everything work out nicely. TvT

pretty much a boring update but i will resume the event by event update soon when i have the time!!
thanks for reading hurrr~


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