Yowamushi Pedal Shoot: Spoon2Di Art!

happy birthday in advance to my Ara-baby!
so here’s a post for him to update on our shoot last Feb too! 8D

this version is from Spoon2Di!

and many thanks to my friends, we managed to get a full team!! /excited
so uh shoot details confirmed and here we gooooo!!
did my make up at home and headed over to fetch maki-chan lol!

arrived and we also set up the background in the studio while some were still preparing.

many thanks to the rest for painting up the backdrop that looked so perfect!!

and here comes camwhore spams!

a bit more with my shinkai~~~ *v*

(yes in case it is not obvious enough, I love ShinAra ohohohohohooooooo)

some omake to share….

yes, top down shot when the floor isn’t big enough.
(arakita doing yoga LOL)

More photos will be up soon so do stay tune on my FB!
thank you for reading!


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