Gintama Movie: The only one who can kill me is me…

while we are being really excited with the upcoming anime in April, here’s my update on the Gintama Movie shoot last jan! *v*

so uh after watching the movie and seeing 5 years later Gin-chan, HOW CAN I NOT COSPLAY THIS VERSION?!?! /screams and bites pillow
and many thanks to dear Athen for agreeing to my default Gintoki so I can go ghey have a partner. 8D
did my make up and home and went over to meet my Gin-chan!

changed at the location and ta-daaaaaaaaaa~~~

all them linglinglonglongs almost killed me by the way.
It has also been so long since I sew my own outfit so everything went chaotic LOLOL!!

second part of the shoot we had the enmi wrapped up version.
many thanks to dear yumi for wrapping my head. =A=

yep, I couldn’t see anything after that. so I was blinded during the second half of the shoot.
Not to mention the second part is a night shoot. TROLOLOL!!

but of course we managed to make it thanks to all the help from my helpers, asta, alvin, yokey, yumi and our photog William and Vie!

and my dear Gin-chan too!

here’s a preview shot from Vie too!

Finally, have a look at the 2015 Gintama trailer!


thanks for reading! ^v^


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