Jay Chou Opus2 Singapore Tour Concert!

The concert that made me gave up my trip to KL comic fiesta LOL!!

but everything is fine because I get to see Jaychou Live!!!
so uh some stupid shit happened to our national stadium so the concert which was supposedly on 9th Nov got postponed to 27th Dec.
Which was the first day of Comic Fiesta.
Then I discussed with the rest and decided I wanna see Jaychou more. /shot
so we cancelled our trip to KL and stayed in Sg for this concert.

then comes the awesome day to see my Jay!!
wore the concert tee I bought last year from the first OPUS concert!

I took cab over since I was late but regretted it afterwards BECAUSE THERE WAS TERRIBLE TRAFFIC JAM. =_=
everyone who was driving seems to be going for this concert wtf.

but whatever, eventually I got to meet up with the rest and a pic with our new stadium!

then we headed in, PINK EVERYWHERE!

only yumi and I got the CAT1 ticket so we entered different gate.
found our seats and we realised, WE ARE NOT FAR AWAY FROM THE STAGE!!! /激动

they were playing the new song of his new album, 陽明山.

then goodies!!

and……HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!

/screams non stop…

there’s also this part I will never forget.
while he went to change to his second set of costume, there was this preview on the screen to show some of his old songs that he will not be performing for the concert.
then we heard his voice saying “你们还记得我的第一首歌吗?”

and he rise up with his piano with 可爱女人 playing.

this is the song that made me fell for him and I COULDN’T BELIEVE HE WILL ACTUALLY SING IT FOR THIS CONCERT.
I screamed all the way and yumi almost killed me because I was too noisy. LOLOL.

he looked so perfect with the piano. /continues screaming

and he ended the concert with 七里香.

but he have to, and the concert was awesome.
eventho I didn’t get to sing with him. /slaps self
I still enjoyed the concert super much. TvT



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