Cosfest Xmas Day 1 Update!

finally on this!
event last year and I’m still not done updating LOL! /shot
anyway, since some of us decided not to go CL last year due to Jaychou concert, we decided to head down to this event instead.
and since weather is hot, we also planned something easier and casual.

so, FREE!

did full cos at home then cabbed down to the location after picking up my haru-senpai!

the two of us arrived at the event and went to the spongebob hall to have some pictures LOL!


we are not exactly in full cos since our red flower is with our nagisa.

then uh Haru-senpai and me headed into the event, and we started taking pictures with the cosers too LOL!!!

also many thanks to the kawawii onoda for the candy cane! *v*

then finally, our nagisa came and we got our flowers! xDDD
and continue with the camwhore!!

stole Ee woon’s sadaharu for a shot hehehee~~

our mako-senpai couldnt make it due to work, so there’s only 3 of us~~

hope to have a shoot of the 4 of us soon!

anyway that is all!

will update on day 2 soon!
thanks for reading hurrr!


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