AFA Day 2 Update Here we go!

my tranny day 2 lets go! HAHA!

did my make up at home then headed over to the event area to change.

it has been a while since I last did female make up so it actually took me some time.
Thank god we decided to meet late LOL!

anyway changed and many thanks to my hubby for doing up my hair! *v*

then uh we kinda camped at one corner since it was difficult to move around with those cloth.
slowly, we also see familiar people gathering around us so camwhore spams !!

then we also decided to head in to the event when the crowd gets lesser since it is ending.
I was just being really unglam and pulled up my skirt so I could walk.
my friends were all scolding me tho HAHAHAHA!

went to the PP corner again just to take pictures with my husbands. huehuehue.

also met up some people on the way!! *v*

and a picture with ryuk at the deathnote booth hehehe!

then finally it is time to change out!
so a few more shots in the toilet hahaha!

also my backview to show off the pretty headdress my dear hubby xiaobai made~

also saw dear sobacake after changing out. TvT
hope to see you soon in Philippines!!

and becos i was craving for korean food, DINNER!!!

thats all for AFA!

thanks for reading~


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