Part time work at Shukotsu!

First time working as a cosplayer, was actually quite excited about it lol!!
since it has always been a hobby for me, I wanted to try out working as one to see how it feels!

so anyway, thanks to laopo christy for intro-ing, we are a small group of cosers trying to promo for the newly opened Shukotsu in Jurong!

work up early since we need to be ready early.
Then did my make up at home but having bad hair day. LOL.

Anyway we arrived at the mall and got changed to our costume and wig.
what we needed to do was to take photos with the people and just walk around the mall.
It is actually pretty easy and we met a lot of friendly people too.

bal and jovelle also dropped by to meet us for dinner hehehe~

finally a group shot to end the event!

it was a two day event and we had to cosplay the same thing which is why I did kaito for both days.

overall the feeling was rather pleasant, I don’t mind trying again but I guess it is still best if you just cosplay as a hobby. xD
this way you can enjoy up to the fullest~


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