Lijuan’s Wedding!

congrats juan~ ♥

so yep, after I came back from Taiwan, the next weekend is actually one of my best friend’s wedding.
And I’m one of her bridesmaid so we had a few meetups to help plan for her gate crash!
but before that, we have the hens night (bachelorette party).

we didn’t do anything extreme tho since my friend is shy, so we just made her go up the stage to sing. LOL!

the food at the restaurant was really nice too!

after that we headed to the KTV to sing the whole night before we go home to prep for the next big day!
the big day is here and here we go!
I was asked to be more girly so uh, i did make up too. LOL!

and here’s some pics of my friends and the bride getting ready for the gate crash!

and here are the games!

the default 酸甜苦辣 challenge, jump and get a shot photography and melt the ice to get the key game!

with the pretty bride and my friends while we wait for the groom and brothers!

this is how I looked when we were waiting and my friends all told me I’m giving off overwhelming vibe to the brothers. OPPS.

anyway, let the games begin!

of course, the groom managed to clear everything and he successfully got the bride! :D
after that we headed over to the groom’s place for tea ceremony~

and after the ceremony, it is time for lunch before we go for a short outdoor shoot~
so meanwhile my friends and I were playing with the groom’s dog HAHAHA!

the shoot was a really quick one since we had to head back to the bride’s place for a second round of tea ceremony~
with everyone!

after that we headed to the hotel to have a rest before the dinner starts!
dressed up! yes my friends instructed me to be a lady that day so I wore a dress. =x

the sisters were helping out at the reception counter so here we are~ lol!
the brothers were helping out in the inside so we sneak a picture before the crowd comes!

and finally!!

dinner started and everything was awesome!
my friend looked so gorgeous and her husband looked good too!

it was almost midnight when everything ended but since we are staying at the hotel, it was good. xDDD

another picture with the beautiful bride before she changes and goes back to her room.

then my friends and I thought it was still early so…

we ordered supper and chatted till everyone KO-ed LOL!!

it was a really awesome day! TvT


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