Taipei Trip Day 11 and 12!

Day 11: Taipei Underground Mall >> Ximen Night Market

The last 2nd day in Taiwan, as usual got up really late since we were really tired LOL.
nice breakfast again at the same cafe~

Got out of the hotel in the afternoon and since it was a saturday, there’s flea market!

After that we headed to Taipei Underground Mall again to explore the other parts that we didn’t went

Laogong and I tried the dance machine where we failed badly at. HAHAHAHA!

Then back to Ximen at night for our last night supper time~

Also met up with William since he came over too!

that ended the last night of our trip together since vic and sihan gonna head back first.

Day 12: XimenDing >> Taoyuan Airport >> Back to SG

Last day in Taipei, taking our time slowly to just shop around Ximen since our flight is in the afternoon.

then while on the way back to the hotel, I saw the love live car!


and uh, we took a cab to the airport and time to check in.. T.T

after having a really short dinner, it is time to board!

arrived in SG at night and we all felt time went too fast…
hopefully to go back again soon!

thats all for my taiwan update~
thanks for reading!


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