Taipei Trip Day 9 and 10

Day 9: Maokong Gondola >> Shilin Night Market >> Ximen KTV

The day when we ‘fly’!!
no actually just went for maokong to experience the cable car hahaha!
so uh I woke up late and we had breakfast nearby our hotel since I can’t walk far too.

with everyone! yes we didn’t split for this day as everyone wanna go for maokong!

the cafe serves nice breakfast too! ^^

then off we go! took the train to taipei zoo station before we transit to maokong station!
picked the glass base since the rest wanna try. and we had to split up since we can’t have too many ppl in the same cabin~

and you have vic who stood up onto the seat before we started scolding her and get her to behave. LOL.

and here we are~

we then headed to the tea house for some tea session~

very gorgeous scenery!

and then it is time to head back!

watching sunset in the cable car is like one of the best thing ever haha!

of course, the night is still young so SHILIN!

and we are not done yet!
since it is the last few days, we decided to just yolo and head for overnight KTV again!

Day 10: Taipei City Mall >> Jay Chou Restaurant, 藤原豆腐店

another very very nua day since we only went back to the hotel at 8am. =x
we decided to head over to Jaychou 3rd restaurant for lunch!

Here are some pics to share for the restaurant:

As it was halloween when we went over, the staffs were dressed up!

they were all so adorable!

then camwhore!

and of course, the famous AE86!

a mini one at the entrance LOL!

then with my husband~

Food was really good!

we also managed to get the exclusive jaychou perfume since it was a halloween special! LUCKY!
then after that we headed back to shilin again since I didn’t managed to finish the streets~

and got a kwangsoo thanks to alvin!

thats all for day 9 and 10!
will finish off day 11 and 12 before I start to update my event and shoot post!!

thanks for reading!


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