Taipei Trip Day 7 and 8!

Taiwan trip day 7 and 8!

Day 7: Damsui >> Beitou

Sorry for the slow update. was really busy lately and no time to blog at all LOL. /looks at backlogs (ಠಠ)
Anyway, update on taiwan again!

This day to Damsui!

it was really cooling and uh we were just slowly strolling along the Tamsui Street~

and after that, we took the ferry to the lover’s bridge!

arrived but lover’s bridge was under renovation. WHUDDAFARK.

but we still take a pic together there anyway hahaha~

then we just rot around the area to enjoy the breeze….

and doing random stuffs like:

also my favorite:

anyway I also sprained my leg there due to the construction, there were holes everywhere on the floor so I just dropped into one. /lame
then we took the ferry back and uh nice scenery…

but I couldn’t walk since my leg swell up…

so my heroes of the day, sihan and alvin had to carry me around LOLOL!!!
Poor thing, I weigh almost the same as them and they had to suffer becos of my clumsiness.

then reiko dear got me a kwangsoo to cheer me up while I try to tahan the pain from my sprain. TvT

anyway we still headed to Beitou for the onsen since we are already there~

it was awesome and we opt for the private bath.
for a while I forgot about my sprain and really enjoyed the bath.

got back to the hotel and laogong helped me with the sprain.
it was also the first time I tried soaking my leg into a tub of ice water. nearly died pls.

Day 8: Hotel >> Hospital (LOL) >> Mei Li Hua

Yes damn stupid but I spent most of the day in the hotel since I couldn’t walk.
then headed to the hospital to check on my leg.
and we went over to Mei Li Hua to meet up with Tinie as she wanna bring us to this nice dinner place.

the food was really good and the place is GORGEOUS!

we also went for the Ferris wheel since it was supposed to be famous there.

tho the green light made it spooky. PFFT.

the view is really nice and it wasn’t too expensive to get up the ferris wheel. (150TWD per person)

anyway despite having sprained my leg before my birthday, my cheeky friends surprised me 2nd round on the day haha!

Love them all so much for taking care of me and the surprise. ♥


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