Taipei Trip Day 3 and 4!

Random but look, my blog is snowing!! xDDD

Anyway, sorry for the lack of update, here comes my Taiwan trip day 3 and 4 update!

Day 3: Ximen >> Wu Fen Pu >> Raohe Night Market

woke up late and we headed to Animate in Ximen before going to take the train down to Wu Fen Pu!

shagged since most of us still haven wake up completely LOL.
then yep, me looking hardworking but actually im just trying to see which stop to alight HAHAHAHA.

not much pictures taken for this day becos all we did was shopping, shopping and shopping.
Then eat, eat and eat. hahaha!
so ending day 3 with a group camwhore!

and here comes day 4 update!

Day 4: PF21 >> Jay Chou Restaurant, Secret

yep, it was a free and easy day and since we are heading to MrJ restaurant at night but nothing to do in the day, we decided to just head down to PF21 and have a look. (顺便让钱包出血LOL)

the location was in a school and quite huge.
they have very nice weather and win and sky…. /jearous

so went into the booth area and i kinda killed myself and my wallet. LOL.

our loots!

then some pics with cosers…

and camwhore before we head over to MrJ restaurant!

so we took a cab over and here we are….


and of course, PICTURES!

ending the meal with choco cake~

then since we were near taipei 101….

how yumi looked in the cab~

amazed at how her nostrils can be so obvious HAHAHAHA.

and thats all!
Day 5 and 6 coming soon!

Thank you for reading hehehe~


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