Taipei Trip Day 1 and 2!

Day 1: Taoyuan International Airport >> Ximen >> Taipei City Mall

Not gonna be a very detailed post but more like sharing pictures taken during the trip.
But yeah here I am updating our trip to Taipei last month!
Our flight was 8am in the morning so we met up early at the airport~

went with my kwangsoo oppa and here i am with laogong while we were waiting at the boarding counter…

and board!

watched tokyo ghoul on the plane and it was awesome. LOL.

landed and it is approximately noon in Taiwan, the flight was about 5 hours.

here we go heading to take the cab to city!
yea, initially we wanted to take bus but there was someone who offered cab service and it was straight to the hotel, so we thought it is rather fine eventho it was just a bit more ex since it is a lot more convenient.

the cab uncle was nice, explaining about the different places we went past and also some famous tourist must go places.
the 1hour ride seemed really short and we arrived in Xi men ding!
we arrived at the hotel, checked in and here’s our room~

pretty big for 4 people, it was only about SGD$25 per night per person! wooohooo~
here’s the hotel link:
located quite near ximen station, ~7mins walk!

selfie outside the hotel….

and proceed to ximen to meet up vic and sihan~

there they are.
yep both of them bought different tickets so they arrived earlier.

then as I wanted to shop for shoes, we headed to taipei underground mall for some light shopping!
since it is the first day, it was a really easy and light day for us~

visited the maid cafe because the rest haven been there…

as usual, I chose to take a polariod with the cute girl!

anyway, we went back to ximen early as some of us was rather brain dead since we woke up too early for the flight…

then time to sleep for the next day~
a pic of noya from hanhan who managed to got it at the otaku street hehehehe~

Day 2: JiuFen >> ShiFen >> Miaokou Night Market >> KTC in Ximen

woke up early for this day since we are heading down to jiufen!

dragging our feet to the station TROLOLOL.

selfie before we head to the train!

and on our way to RuiFang~~


shopping time and some pics to share…

I also went to the higher point to take some selfie hehehehe~

the view is just gorgeous~ *v*

anyway we went down and took the bus back to ruifang so we can take the train to shifen.

meanwhile yumi tried to take a pic of the cat….LOL!

then camwhore with everyone!

so we arrived at shifen…went over to the bridge to have a look too!

also for the famous thing to do there, 放天灯!

we were just trying it out so twinnie and I shared one.
different colours stand for different type of wishes too! xDDD

anyway we headed to miaokou night market for makan before we finally go back to Ximen to put our stuffs.
no pics because I forgot to take it. LOL.

then also, according to our itinerary, the next day we go to Wufen, which means we can wake up late.
and when we can wake up late, it means we can go for the 24hrs KTV!
yes so the usual yolo gang, yumi, alvin, sihan, vic and me headed for the big big party world at ximending!

each of us paid about $15SGD per person and we got to sing from 11pm till 6am! with drinks and food too!

yea and by 6am, taipei looked like 8am.
so all 5 of us hurried back to the hotel to sleep for the wufen battle next!

will update about it in my next post!

thats all for now and thanks for reading~


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