Love Stage, Happy Wedding!

so here’s the day I married my laogong. /wrong
a wedding shoot with my izumi after I psycho-ed her to finish the series haha!
Love this duo so much and glad my izumi agreed too!

anyway, we fixed a date and prep at home~

waiting for my ‘car’ to arrive LOL.
it was actually lucky for me that I got a maxicab when I called for one.
so it actually looked as if Ryouma is really going for a shoot. LOL.

yea spammed camwhore becos the cab was really big and nice haha!

and I’m done!

camwhoring with the rest~~

and of course with my izumi!

then a group shot before we proceed with the shoot!

some behind the scenes…

and the helpers caught me taking pic of them so they gave fabulous poses LOL.

and one more group camwhore before we end the shoot…

finally a pair camwhore with my izumi, glam and tak glam ver…

then polariod thanks to my hanhan~

but that was not all.
my cheeky friends came over to the location and surprised me for birthday…
with my face as their mask. LOLWTFBBQ.


more of the kawawii faces + real me

hahahaha!! and a proper group shot!!

awesome cake and message as well LOL.

During dinner time there was like a round 2 with presents.
all these loves I received from my friends made me almost cried. TvT

Also many thanks to laogong yumi for organizing as well we the scrapbook.
everything is so awesome in there.

of course I’m late but everyone who sent me greeting as well, thank you so much!
I was actually in Taiwan during my birthday so it was not very convenient to reply everyone so sorry if I missed anyone out.

that is all from this post, will update more soon!
Here are some shots from Sihan!

thanks for reading!


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