Thank you for loving me

Today is my Birthday.

Nothing super special since I’m enjoying my life as usual.
Just that it is a little more special since today is the date to remind myself I’m being brought to this world.
Every year my thoughts are different.
In the past, I always thought birthdays are super important.
A few years back, I didn’t really care about it.
Now, I just thought it is a day for me to realize how fortunate I am to be here, to be who I am.

I used to think that perhaps changing myself will be better.
But the more you try to change yourself, the more it hurts.
You are not sure if the people really likes you and you are just uncomfortable since you are not being yourself.

So I decided that I would just live as myself.
I guess it is okay to be different.
I have many awesome people to fill the difference.

To the people whom cared for me, thank you.
For filling in what I lack, thank you.
For accepting who I am, thank you.
For loving me, thank you very much.

Finally, Happy birthday to myself. :D


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