3 in 1 photoshoot LOL!

so uh I came up with a random plan to have three shoots on the same day in order to clear my solo plans as well.
Many thanks to dear Jovelle, Athen and Yumi for going along with this crazy idea LOL!
anyway I begin the shoot with KLK Mako!

prep at the location and jovelle came over to help me with this shoot first!
we were done pretty fast and it was really surprising since we got all the shots we wanted too. xD

next, it is mikorin!

by this time yumi and athen arrived so we proceeded with the shoot!

got most shots we wanted too eventho it was super tiring LOL.
all the yoga poses…(you will know what I mean if you watch Gekkan Shoujo too. xD)

Then finally, it is Gintoki!!

this is actually the main highlight of the day since I did this for Gintoki’s birthday! *v*
The pics are up on my gallery here so do hop over to have a look!
Here’s one to share too~

anyway I will also be going to Taiwan tomorrow till beginning of Nov so updates will be slow.
Will still post when I can of course! o(*゚▽゚*)o


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