Dollywink Event @ SG Scape!

yep, saw people sharing this event and thought the goodie bag is pretty attractive (whut) so I decided to take part in the event too. HAHAHA!
signed up for it and attended with yumi for this eyelash event!

basically it was organized to commemorate Dolly Wink’s 5th anniversary, and also to challenge to set a new world record for having the greatest number of people applying false eyelashes.
in the end there were more than 300 people which made it successful!

the highlight of the day for me tho,

yes the goodie bag items HAHAHA! (stole the image from athen lol)

then anyway, yumi and I were just testing out the effect of the lashes…

without the lashes:

with the lashes:

not very obvious but here’s a closer look:

it is supposed to be natural so I guess it looks pretty good?
it is comfortable too since it is really light so if you like wearing eyelashes everyday, do consider getting it haha~


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