STGCC Day 2 Here we go!

yay finally!

sorry for the slow update but this is gonna be another post to share my camwhores from STGCC day 2!
since I didn’t take much pictures on day 1, I tried to take as much as I can hurrrr~

so uh reiko and I decided to cab over to the event in full cos~

looking dubious while waiting for my rin. LOL.
and we arrived at the event!

with gorgeous rin!

then uh here comes my camwhore spams…

kelly also dropped by with her kids! ^^

and then the pedal gang…

also met Cath and the korean cosplayers!
didn’t managed to catch them on day 1 tho~

and yes I finally met Miyo in person!!!
she is so gorgeous omg! (´艸`*)

anyway this is all for day 2.
it is jus catching up with friends and sweeping merchandise at booths haha!
will update more soon!

thanks for reading!


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