The Mayo and Tobasco Combi…

Because this couple needs more love! (apart from Ginhiji of course LOL)
Anyway, after I poisoned Yumi to watch Gintama, she fell in love with Hiji and wanted to do this couple so we just planned a shoot together.
Yep, made the yukata rather quickly but too small for myself. /shot

The weather that day wasn’t so bad, tho still hot, we managed to prepare rather quickly!

done! long hair hiji hellos~

then uh caught my mitsuba dancing in the background…

camwhore again with helper jov and also mitsuba while waiting for our photog…

and here’s a formal and informal shot:


anyway shoot started when athen came!
some behind the scene while I hijacked…

and how we create fuwa shots…

yep. (Y)

finally we have nice dinner and awesome dessert to end the day!

it was really a pleasant shoot and can’t wait to share the pics soon! hurhur.

thank you for reading!


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