Uta Prince: 天下無敵の忍び道 Photoshoot!

Are you ready? xD

yep, thanks to dear Xiaobai, Dan and Reiko for inviting me to the team.
The psycho-ing process was scary but it was still really nice to work with them again lol.
(Yes tho the moment I wear my costume at the location I started regretting joining) =_=

just in case you are not familiar with this song, here it is:

very catchy song and most importantly, my ittoki and cecil darling are both in it!
and I named this the all uke group. /cough/

anyway here’s camwhore and group shot with my team!

yea so dan and I was the two with the most random barangs on our costume that we kept cursing while the other two jumped around happily. /slaps

The shoot went all the way to night since we wanted the night effect with smoke.
It was quite a tiring but fun shoot and I really looked forward to see the photos! (〃∇〃)
Here’s a preview!

many thanks to dear xiaobai for the post-processing!

thanks for reading! :D


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