Aoki Teikou Photoshoot Updates!

A long delayed shoot that finally happen!

planned this since last last year and we only got to shoot it this year due to all the overflowing amount of plans TROLOL.

Anyway this was inspired from one of the Aoki doujin we read which is really sweet and cute!
of course, it consist of R18 content so we needed a hotel room to do that PFFFT.
booked a small room that looks like Aomine’s room and the ****** begins…. =x

done with make up and kise is still not done. model really… haha!

finally, the model-san is ready!

also camwhore with my dear helper and photog~

and here’s the camwhore of our ending…

yep. yep. yep. =x

in case you are wondering the storyline of this shoot, here’s a summary for the readers hehehe!
Kise and Aomine is on their way home from school. (Teiko setting)
Then Kise asked Aomine if he have watched / read porn before and Aomine invited Kise to his place.
After settling down, Aomine took out his collections. (HURHURHUR)
Kise started reading them but got more and more awkward as he could feel that he body slowly turns hot.
Then he realised he is ‘excited’ and Aomine realised.
Aomine asked him to go to the toilet but Kise refused and said he is fine.
Then Aomine grabbed him insisted he is not fine but at this moment, Aomine saw Kise’s blushing face.
His heart skipped a beat and he actually wished to see more of blushing Kise.
So he told Kise he would help him ‘release’ it and Kise agreed.
However, in the process, Aomine got aroused as well due to Kise’s expression so he asked Kise to let him do it……

yep this is pretty much how the story is HAHAHAHA!
more from the pics that will be coming soon!

A preview for Aomine’s Birthday!

will up the pics when they are ready so stay tune!

and thanks for reading!


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