Megane 最高 Photoshoot! o(≧▽≦)o

Hai hai, megane is the most awesome thing ever!! /whut

here be my update on our Kyokai no Kanata shoot!
initially there was jus me and jovelle.
many thanks to yumi and reiko for joining us as the siblings pair hur.

so uh as the location is pretty near my place, I changed and did make up home.
then headed out in full cos…

but regretted the moment I stepped outside while I waited for my cab. (ಠ‸ಠ)

anyway, I made it there alive and shoot starto!
camwhore with my teammates!

and with my helper and photog!

finally, group shot!

yes I made everyone wear megane LOLOL!

then before changing out, I took pic with my ghey partner and straight partner~ /wrong

yep thats it!
I think my updates are just useless except for sharing all my camwhores so hope you guys don’t mind HAHAHAHA!

thanks for reading anyway~♥


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