Hong Kong Trip Day1~

long overdue post LOL.
but yes here I am to update on my HK trip in june!
impromptu trip with my friends, it started out weirdly and we jus went with the flow. YOLO? hahaha!

The flight was midnight so I went over after my work!

my friends caught me and one other friend ivy queuing for checkin since we were late. hahaha.
They said my hair is easy to identify. ohlol!

excited hur!

and board!

I’m the type who can’t sleep on bus or plane so I end up watching running man on plane hahaha.
check out the sun rise too!

so gorgeous!

then we arrived after approx 4 hours!

We also got the Airport Express Travel Pass from the counter to get to the city and reached around 7am~

they are famous for their signboards hahaha!

their 7-11 has lots of interesting stuffs!

then we also had breakfast since it is morning~~

so uh we hang around before we finally checkin to our hotel at 12~

after that we also headed to ktv!

we didn’t know they serve food for the ktv so we ended up eating again OMG LOL.

anyway we went over to shop at the Mong Kok Centre.
But because I didn’t really sleep, I decided to head back to the hotel to nap for a while.
then woke up with swollen eyes… (ಠಠ)

but yea ivy and I headed out for dinner since the rest already head out by themselves.

dinner was really nice and we also continue shopping since their shopping centers close at 12am. (AWESOME NO?)

Night view of hk is pretty too~

then we returned to the hotel, celebrated ivy's and juan's birthday since it was about 1-3days after their birthday!

the cake was nice and we also KO-ed shortly after that since everyone were tired.

Some information!
My day 1 itinerary: SG >> HK Airport >> Yau Ma Tei 油麻地 >> Argyle Centre 旺角中心

Transport: Airport Express Travel Pass
It cost HKD$220 or HKD$300 (both include a refundable deposit of $50) with one or two single journeys on the Airport Express, as well as three consecutive days of unlimited travel on the MTR, the Light Rail and MTR Bus (which operates in the northwest New Territories)1. The ticket is valid for 180 days from the day of issue.

Hotel: The one I stayed was M1 Hotel (28 Portland Street, Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong)
About SGD$150 for 5 days 4 nights. (room of 2)

Shopping: Argyle Centre 旺角中心
Take the MTR to Mongkok, and then take exit D, look for Argyle Centre. Up the stairs, and you’re there

Next day will be disneyland!

stay tune! :D


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