Shingeki no Kyojin Team Shoot!!

“What is it Eren?”


Yes after so long I finally got to cos Jean! TvT
he is another love of mine in the series.
from a childish arrogant boy to someone who cares about his friends.
Eventho he is timid and kiampah sometimes, it just makes me realise that this is how humans behave.
He is realistic, and because he is, not everyone loved him. But I do. LOL.

Anyway moving on to the shoot~
It was quite a lucky thing that I managed to get more people into the team.
It actually just started out with a small group of us, then I happen to hear another group who were planning to cos snk too, so I invited them to join us and there, we have a bigger team with almost everyone! *v*

ok so uh we planned to start the shoot early, i had to wake up at 5am to prepare. =_=
because of the straps and all, it took me so long to be done.

so yay off to the location!

we arrived and started wearing our gears and jackets to be ready.

everyone prepping~ ^^

and ta-da~
since I had quite a number of snk shoots, it didn’t take me long to wear my gear haha!

and uh we started shooting!

some omake…

one of our photog, athen. behaving and dressing like a stalker. HAHAHA.

height issues again. but NO PROBLEM FOR A SHOOT. LOL.

yeah half way through I actually sprained my back… щ(ಥДಥщ)

then anyway, it is time for gear off and it also means CAMWHORE!

while waiting for everyone LOL.

anyway camwhore spams upcoming!!

then finally a group camwhore! ^^

yep, our photos are still processing in progress but I will share them on my facebook soon!

thanks for reading~ 8D


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