Cosfest Day 1 Here we go!

super lack of update on my blog so sorry about that.
I still haven update on my hong kong trip but nvm shall just up on events first!

Anyway, it was quite a relac event for me this year since most of the time I’m inside the hall helping out reika~
We waited for her at the event area to help her set up when she arrives at the event.
Then uh I helped to manage the queue since they say the most auntie one should do it. (ಠಠ)

but yeah, we helped till yuuiki and jasmine came over after changing to take over.
then reiko, yumi and I went to change~

done, and I’m subaru. (not the car brand) LOL.

with my niichan and imotochan.

val also came over after her work~ ^^

then we proceeded back to the event hall to continue helping out~

reika cosing haikyuu. (havent started this series yet LOL)

also managed to catch james and fay!
so happy to see them both again hur~

then uh I sneaked out to get some shots with the rest since they are usually outside so here comes spam!

so this is end of day 1!

will update soooooooooooooon!


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