Gintama Movie Photoshoot!

そろそろ時間だマヨ! lol!

yep took me long enough but finally update on my hiji shoot! :D
anyway i got to know this group of gintama cosers from china during EOY last year.
and we actually planned to have a shoot together for the movie ver hehehe~
so it happened….

the shoot started rather late so it was rather good because I got to sleep more. ohohohoho~

then uh here are my teammates~ :D

also my lovely helpers and photog!

behind the scene…

yep we are trying out some other angle… HAHAHAHA!!

anyway uh the shoot was also done very quickly because most of us couldn’t tahan the heat.
but we got most of the shots we want so hurray! :D

will update more soon!


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