Anime Matsuri Event Here we go!!

hi ya!
Yes yes finally updating on Anime Matsuri LOL.
backlogs backlogs omg. orz

Anyway, it was quite an impromptu decision to attend this event.
Jovelle and I were saying we hope to see the guest so we just decided to cos together.
Yes something simple so we picked KNK! :D
It was in our shoot plan and since we already have the things, why not?

Anyway, val, jovelle and I met up for lunch and we took our own sweet time to prepare for the event LOL.
we were only done at around 5pm…./opps

while waiting for the cab…. the winter uniform is totally not suitable for sg weather omfg…

but yea we reached the event around 5 plus and wore the deadly blazer.
Thank god there’s aircon in the mall so it helped a little.

look at my cute mirai~ ♥

Also many many thanks to my darling val for helping us carry our stuffs~

anyway, I brought a lot of megane along to get people to wear it and take pics with me.
So here are the collections of my megane bishoujos and bishonens!! :DDD

also managed to camwhore with Akatsuki and Hotaru!

both of them so pretty and friendly! ♥

and hotaru being so cute, she say she wanna put her hands under my arm… *V*

LOL! that is all from the event, since we arrived late, nothing much happened except for all the usual catching up haha!
will update on my other shoots and cosfest soon!

thanks for reading! :D


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