Random updates~~

Just some random stuffs to update since I took pics and will be a waste not to share them LOL!
first will be Nik’s birthday and How to Train your Dragon 2 movie!! :D

well he somehow guessed we are having a surprise party for him so nvm LOL.
the movie is good anyway, have everyone watched it? XD

then uh slappy pancake with yumi~

one of the con will be it is located near USS. sibei far omfg lol.
but ok after going in we felt it was somehow worth it.
we had fun making pancakes…

look at our fabulous artwork LOL!
(‘chio’ means pretty in hokkien. HAHAHA!)

anyway uh i know it is kinda lame but my post ends here. /shot
more updates on my shoots and events will be coming!!


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