Alice in Musicland Photoshoot~♪

ok! time to update on my photoshoots!!
backlogs from cosfest and other shoots incoming oh dear!! ( ;´Д`)

Anyway, the day before, I stayed over at yumi’s place.

and I played with her Brown and Cony plushie. LOL.

so yep we were kiampah and woke up late, then I did my make up in fast speed again LOL.

on the way in the cab…

and someone busy playing love live hahaha!

finally we are there, then changed!!

Kaito in musicland LOL!

so uh camwhore!

with my fabulous team mates, photographers and helpers hur~

behind the scene…

when you have no helpers to hold the reflector. HAHAHA!

Anyway many thanks to them for coming eventho it was raining.
but we also managed to get most of the shots we want tho it was raining. TvT

Can’t wait for them to be up soon! :D
anyway thanks for reading!
more updates coming up!!


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