Love is War Photoshoot Update!

Hi, I’m sorry but it seems like I have been rather inactive with my blog updates so here I go before I get buried by cosfest stuffs LOL.

so uh this shoot was also a very long delayed plan and we finally managed to fix a date.
headed over to marina barrage thinking that we could use the location properly, only to realise they had a carnival there!!!!
it was soooo crowded and everywhere we go have crowds. OMFG. /pulls hair
So we only could settle in the air-conditioned gallery as well as the grey walls outside.

As I was late, I did my makeup and changed in lighting speed omg….
I think it is my first fastest make up ever. It took me just 15-20mins? LOL.

anyway camwhoring with the rest before our shoot starts~

We then headed outside for some shots~~

han han also came over to help~ ^^

and he took this BTS. LOL YES IT WAS REALLY HOT!!! щ(ಥДಥщ)

Then group pic!

and we headed back in to the gallery for more shots and SHOOT DONE!!!

Since my stamina ain’t awesome at all, I couldn’t keep up so we finish up rather quickly LOL.
Haven’t got my photos yet but I’m already looking forward to it since it has been so long since we last worked with Fariz! :D

That is all for now and will update more soon!!
Whoever going to cosfest, see you there too! :D


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