Shingeki no Kyojin: Titan Trio Shoot!

*this post contains spoilers if you have not read the SNK manga. Read at your own risk. =x

Because I love the titan trio so much, I decided to have a shoot being bertholdt.
(yes since I can’t do his titan form, I will just be do the human form instead LOL)

It all started when I was reading angst doujins of this three.
the story is like so super sad that I felt the anime didn’t give them enough love. Though yes it makes sense since it is not there yet.
But the manga is totally NOT ENOUGH YO.
So I just decided to have a shoot and uh invited kyon and xiaobai to join me.
Many many thanks to them, our titan trio group is formed!
Then we confirmed a date and also managed to get Nik to help us shoot!
Along with awesome helpers yumi, dan, jovelle and verse. hurhurhur.

Because part of the location is under renovation, there is no toilet nearby.
So uh, I decided to do make up and cab over in almost full cos.

thank god the wig is black so I still looked…normal? LOL.

how I looked while waiting for the lift….
My bro said I looked super suspicious. (; ̄Д ̄)

Anyway I arrived and the other two were still preparing.
So while waiting, it is camwhore time…

then we started shoot when my annie got ready.
Reiner had some problems with his gear so he took a little longer but he joined us quite quickly after that.

while waiting for the rest to get their solos done… LOL.

helping my darling annie to go to higher level for her dramatic shots. (Y)

with my beloved two~ hur~

anyway we moved to another part of the location without gear…

more camwhores before we begin LOL.

some behind the scene…

yes becos I’m not tall enough. my poor annie LOL.

resting while our photographer gets his ‘smoke’ ready.


then after this part is done, we went for the titan make up shots.

yes uh just half the face haha~

messy area.. LOL.

more behind the scene…

“do I look kakkoii?” PFFFT-

not tall enough bertholdt again.
I’m sorry annie. LOL.

Anyway that is all from the shoot. Totally forgot to take a group camwhore. OTL
But thanks to everyone, we managed to get most of the shots we wanted.
The heat wasn’t exactly kind to us since we almost died from the gears and pvc jackets.
But I’m definitely looking forward to the photos! ALL MY TITAN TRIO FWEELS!

thanks for reading!


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