Malaysia Trip Day 2!

Shingeki photoshoot day!
so uh, in order to avoid the crowd as much as possible, we decided to start shoot at 6am.
awesome please. I woke up not knowing what I was doing LOLOL.
but still managed to finish my make up!

featuring ‘still-on-the-bed’ nik since he is waiting for the rest to finish preparing hahaha!

with athen while we have our breakfast~

taking pic of my dear heichou. hahaha!

anyway moving out!!

We started off at the main entrance since morning there wouldn’t be anyone~

some camwhore before we proceed to change character…

and poooof!

hi eren desu. LOL!

we shifted to another location to finish up our ErenMika before we go to somewhere a little further to continue with our LeviHan. /shot

with my moe photographer hur~ ♥

behind the scene..

nik showing off his photographer tag LOLOL.

then camwhore again before we transform one more time…

Anyway before we change to LEviHan again, reiko had to change to eren to shoot young ver with yumi as mikasa.
So meanwhile I became their saikang while changed back to normal vio.
then I also met a new friend…


we then had our lunch and proceeded to change again…

hanji reporting!

camwhore and time to move out!

his time round we head over to another location which I felt it is nicer since the walls looks good with the hills as background. (Y)

also ended the shoot with some LeviHan at the balcony in our room~

the shoot was really tiring. But it wouldn’t be possible without everybody’s help especially nik.
I really really looked forward to share the pics with everyone too! :D

that is all for the photoshoot post. more to come soon!
thanks for reading! (^_−)☆


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