Malaysia Trip Day 1!

Finally got the time to do update on this. phew.
So sorry have been busy with work and some other things but anyway here i go! :D

This trip was actually quite impromptu with nik after he showed me the location.
then I just decided we should do a snk shoot there since I needed somewhere like this and it is not too faraway!
also gathered athen, reiko and yumi to join me hahaha!

packed up the night before and uh… it was quite a pain in the ass since my gear only fits into the largest luggage I have. T.T

the bus was early in the morning so most of us didn’t have enough sleep. LOL.

but here we go!

it is in berjaya hills so we had to travel up another 1 hour after reaching KL.

pretty scenery!

and finally, we arrived at Colmar Tropicale!

very very beautiful place but it was really crowded due to public holiday LOL.

then we also went up the clock tower~

the view is gorgeous. and I went “SO SHINGEKI” LOL!

after settling down in the hotel, we headed out to start walking around the places for recce as well as hunting for food.
before that…

yes the amount of food we brought over cos we heard there’s no 7-11 there. HAHAHA!

ok the food price there are considered expensive for Malaysia, but still alright for SG. /duh
and here comes night time~

gorgeous isn’t it?

we had dinner in one of the restaurant, can’t remember the name but anyway…

yep. LOL.

then night time view on the clock tower…

awkward because it is not as pretty as in the day.
but the temperature dropped since it is in the hills, so most of them were like running back to the hotel.

except yumi and I…

yea we doing jumping shots like some siao zharbors in the middle of the road HAHAHAHA!

anyway this is all for day 1. we simply just walked around like tourist.
Stay tune for day 2 when the shoot start!

thanks for reading! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧


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