MACG Day 2 update!

hi guys I’m back hahaha!
will be updating my MACG trip for day 2!
as we went for KTV late the night before, we decided to just settle breakfast in the hotel, aka cup noodles lol.
then prepared for the event….

and done!

diabolik lovers for day 2~ ^^

then here we go again!

camwhore with everyone! :D

also, glad to be able to take pictures with the guests!

they are all really nice too!

featuring Hsi-zhen~

anyway most of the people headed back early since they are going back SG in the evening, so we also decided to head back to change out for dinner.

one more shot before changing out… LOL.

We then headed for dinner at a japanese restuarant, and YOLO-ed again for KTV!
the whole trip was really really fun and awesome!
many many thanks to xiaobai for bringing us around too, wont be able to enjoy without her. TvT
of course to my beloved laogong for accompanying me for the trip. ♥

that is all for now.
More updates will be coming soon!
thanks for dropping by~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


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