JB Trip Day 0 and MACG Day 1 update!

hello~ sorry that my blog have been rather dead…. D:
will try my best to keep reviving it by updating more often LOL.
anyway, decided to head over to the JB event last last week and here’s my update!
It was during the good friday weekend so yumi and I thought we can head over on friday instead since it is public holiday too.


It took us like more than 2 hours to actually crossover to JB side omfg. (usually it takes less than half an hour)

met up with ahbu on the way and we ‘cried’ together while queuing to get our passports stamped. LOL.

but nevertheless, we managed to pass the custom and IN JB!

checking in to the hotel!
many thanks to darling xiaobai for bringing us there too!

we first headed to KSL to grab food then head back to hotel for our shoot.
yep, yumi and I decided to shoot Chobits in the hotel, pajamas version haha!

make up done!

yes we are wearing matching pajamas. haha!

but due to the failed lighting in the hotel, the shoot didn’t go very well so it ended early.
some camwhore to cover up the pathetic amount of shots taken…

we actually took more camwhore shots than the actual shots but im not gonna spam here hahaha!

then it is dinner and SLEEP.
woke up around late morning and headed out for breakfast!

walking along this nice peaceful road while hunting for our food…
we had duck and vege for ‘brunch’ before we head back to start preparing for the event!

and we are done! its brothers conflict for day 1!


Featuring Hsi-zhen and Sakuya!

didn’t manage to take pic with the other guest but thank god I was able to catch sakuya before her autograph session.

she looked so perfect and she is really nice too! :D

featuring xiaobai’s 谢伯伯 too!

her outfit is soooo well-made!
She was rushing the props the night before too. (Y)

anyway that is all for now from day 0 and day 1.
Day 2 to be updated soon!!

thanks for reading! :D


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