J-obsession here we go!

yay to event update! lol~
decided to attend this event last minute since I thought of meeting up my friends too.
then also planned to trick yumi with Reiko by lying to her that we are not cosing. haha~
and we appeared as asahina twins!

got slapped by imouto-chan of course for tricking her. =x

but her reaction was really funny and cute hahaha!

anyway, before that I went to watch Tiger and Bunny movie with val, SO AWESOME I WANNA CRY.
their combi is forever so awesome and lovely kyaaaa~
ivan looked so handsome in there too hahaha~
and I was totally in the wrong mood when I changed for my cos. lol~

owell, here’s some camwhore to share hehe~

and many thanks to dear jovelle for the tsubaki keychain! ♥

then found a chibi ryuko too!


anyway we changed out after 2 hours becos the weather is too deadly. D:
and we headed to BBQ for dinner!


thanks for reading!


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